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Cockpit Smoke Causes Lufthansa Emergency Landing
A Lufthansa Boeing 747 made an emergency landing in Canada after smoke was reported in the cockpit. The plane, on a flight from Frankfurt to Orlando with 345 passengers and (more)
WestJet flight unexpectedly grounded in Greenland
A group of travellers aboard a WestJet flight destined for Canada were temporarily stranded in Greenland Tuesday after the plane was unexpectedly grounded. WestJet Flight 4 (more)
Hunt for MH370 will extend into 2017
ATSB announced on Wednesday that the final 120,000 sq km area would now be completed “by around January/February 2017”, with less than 10,000 sq km of the area to go. It attrib (more)
Japan's Peach Aviation to open Sapporo base
Peach Aviation (MM, Osaka Kansai) has announced it will develop Sapporo Chitose into an operational base during the 2018 financial year. (more)
Slump in value of sterling sees Ryanair cut earnings forecast
Ryanair has reduced its full year net profit guidance by five per cent as the value of sterling continues to fall. The low-cost carrier cut its forecasts from a previous ran (more)
On board the delivery flight of Airbus' 10,000th aircraft to SQ
When airlines take delivery of a brand new jet from the likes of Airbus or Boeing, the flight from the aircraft factory to the plane's new home is a unique "money can't buy" ex (more)


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