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Omini B763 near Bogota "Hot food""

An Omini air international Boeing 767-300 on behalf of Avianca with registration N342AX with flight AV-25 from Bogota was enroute to Lima (Peru) with 104 passengers and 12 crew aboard When they notice a detection in the galley for a smoke alarm comg from thefood trolley compartment. The aircraft was only 30 minutes int flight a returned back tO Bogota and landed safe.But the food was cooked or should we say well done. Now that would have been a real hot chillie blaster of a meal… (www.aeroinside.com) Meer...

Pilots have organized a ferocious, at times threatening, response to Quartz’s story about Instagrams in the sky

Quartz’s investigation of commercial airline pilots taking photos and videos of their flights provoked a furious response from the aviation community. Hundreds of pilots and their fans have been harassing the reporter who wrote the story with vitriolic comments and, at times, threats of violence. (qz.com) Meer...

United Airlines emergency landing at Heathrow

Updates as passenger plane returns to Heathrow after circling English Channel. (www.mirror.co.uk) Meer...

Fuel Prices Coming Down… For Our Cars

Like you I've been loving the low gas prices I've been paying to fill up my sport ute. I just got back from a longish trip to the backcountry to do some backpacking and ran into a little central Texas gas station where the unleaded was $2.19 a gallon. Of course it immediately made me think that we might be seeing car gas for $1-something per gallon, which makes my heart glad. Not just that, but it's good for business, which is good for everyone. Experts say that lower gas prices, driven by price… (www.flyingmag.com) Meer...

Airline Baggage Fees Bring In Nearly $1B In 3 Months

A new report found that airlines brought in nearly $1 billion last quarter by charging customers for hauling their belongings. (consumerist.com) Meer...

AA280 diverts to Narita after heavy turbulance. 15 passengers injured.

An American Airlines flight from Seoul to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport was diverted on Tuesday after the aircraft hit severe turbulence. (www.cnbc.com) Meer...

Boeing boosts share buyback, raises dividend by 25 percent

CHICAGO • Boeing Co. on Monday raised its share repurchase authorization to $12 billion from $10 billion and said it would increase its quarterly dividend by 25 percent, a sign of confidence in its cash outlook for the year... (www.stltoday.com) Meer...

A Desert War on ISIS, Fought From a Floating City

ABOARD THE U.S.S. CARL VINSON, in the Persian Gulf — More than a dozen Navy F/A-18 warplanes roar off ... (www.nytimes.com) Meer...

Air France B772 near Inverness air conditoning failure

An Air France Boeing 777-200 enroute from Paris to KSFO (San Franisco ) with rego F-GSPF at FL 320 about 80nm northwest of Inverness. The crew decide to turn back or return to Paris due to two air conditioning failures http://www.aeroinside.com/item/5063/air-france-b772-near-inverness-on-dec-15th-2014-air-conditioning-system-failure-rnl (www.aeroinside.com) Meer...

Pilot Fired After Letting Hot Girls Hold Controls In Cockpit Mid-Flight

A Mexican charter pilot found himself out of a job after letting a pair of starlets fly his plane. (elitedaily.com) Meer...

Are Copilots' Days Numbered?

"The aviation industry has been looking at the potential for single-pilot operations for quite some time to address concerns about future pilot shortages, but there are a number of technical, certification, and policy considerations that must be addressed along the way," said John Borghese, vice president of the Advanced Technology Center for Rockwell Collins. "Social acceptability must also be considered." (www.flyingmag.com) Meer...