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Terrified British Airways passengers told 'don't rock plane'

This video shows the terrifying moment a packed British Airways plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Heathrow after its landing gear failed to work. The Boeing 747's landing gear on both wings failed and passengers were warned "not to rock the plane" when getting off as it could have overturned. The 293 passengers on board were asked to leave the holiday jet destined for Chicago "very slowly" in case it toppled over on the runway following the mid-air emergency.… (www.msn.com) Meer...

London City Airport evacuated; 'chemical incident' reported

London City Airport was evacuated on Friday after a number of passengers reported feeling unwell, police said. Reports of a chemical incident sent three fire engines and "a range of specialist appliances" to the scene, the London Fire Brigade said in a statement. Officials said the cause of the incident is unknown. (www.cnn.com) Meer...

Airbus offers a peek at its flying taxi

Airbus is developing an aircraft that can take off and land vertically. The vision is for Uber-like taxis that beat the traffic by flying over it. (money.cnn.com) Meer...

IATA predicts India to be third largest market by 2026

At present, India is the ninth largest aviation market in the world. (www.aviationgazette.com) Meer...

Miracle Over Baghdad, 2003

With due respect to captain Sullenberger, I'll take a daylight ditching in a river over trying to land a missile-struck Airbus with no flight controls! (www.askthepilot.com) Meer...

On board the delivery flight of Airbus' 10,000th aircraft to SQ

When airlines take delivery of a brand new jet from the likes of Airbus or Boeing, the flight from the aircraft factory to the plane's new home is a unique "money can't buy" experience that's more like flying on a private jet. Airbus celebrated the delivery of its 10,000th aircraft this month, handing over a A350-900 to Singapore Airlines – and Australian Business Traveller was invited along for the ride from Airbus HQ in Toulouse to Singapore. (www.ausbt.com.au) Meer...

Incident: United B767 over Atlantic on Oct 13th 2016, cracked windshield

A United Boeing 767-300, registration N662UA performing flight UA-51 from Newark,NJ (USA) to Madrid,SP (Spain) with 221 people on board, was enroute at FL340 over the Atlantic Ocean about 260nm east of Boston,MA (USA) when the crew requested to descend to FL260 due to a cracked windshield. (avherald.com) Meer...

United Boeing 737-900 at Denver on Oct 13th 2016, hit something on departure

A United Boeing 737-900, registration N65832 performing flight UA-745 from Denver,CO to Portland,OR (USA) with 185 people on board, departed Denver's runway 25. Upon contacting Denver Departure the crew declared emergency reporting they may have hit something on departure and needed to return to Denver. (www.aeroinside.com) Meer...

Alaska Airlines Removes Passenger After He Catcalls Flight Attendant

Women do not enjoy being catcalled, whether they’re walking down the street or flying 36,000 feet in the air. And thanks to a swift move by Alaska Airlines, one flight attendant did not have to endure being harassed in her workplace. In a Facebook post that’s been shared more than 3,000 times, plane passenger Amber Nelson wrote that a man sitting behind her catcalled a flight attendant while she was demonstrating how to use a life vest in case of an emergency. (www.huffingtonpost.com) Meer...


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