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Squawks en OpschriftenBoeing: Stepped-up Dreamliner production will continue

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Boeing: Stepped-up Dreamliner production will continue

The company says it's found nothing yet to suggests lithium-ion batteries were wrong for the plane. (www.usatoday.com) Meer...

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preacher1 3
Just because they ain't found it don't mean it ain't there
B. W. 1
Good on Boeing, just because a battery isn't working doesn't mean they should slow production. Besides, after these problems are resolved with the 787, Boeing will probably modify the undelivered planes as fast as fast as they can to get back on track.
joel wiley 1
What would you expect him to say? We are going to bring the production line to a screeching halt until we get this battery thing settled"? He did say that the L-ion batteries help a 21% better fuel efficiency. 21% less fuel, but 21% more airplane? I wouldn't like to include airframes in the 'consumables' category.
patrick johnson 1
i'm not going if it's boeing