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787, A350, or A380: What’s The Best Plane For Passenger Experience?

Have you ever watched a bottle of water become a crushed, miniature version of itself while airborne? That simple visual is the most common reminder that flying in a metal tube is not quite like life down on earth. Fortunately, airlines are investing major dough in upgrading their fleets- and some of the newer offerings are simply fantastic for the passenger experience. Here’s how to choose between the best new planes… ( Meer...

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eby chi 2
the A380 without a doubt.
joel wiley 2
IMHO, the 'passenger experience' is less a matter of the hollow metal tube than what the operators of the tube cram into it in the way of classes, seats and services.
Wolfgang Prigge 4
If the hollow metal tube is sized just right so you can squeeze in 9 18 inch wide seats abreast plus two aisles, but not more, than you do have at least enough width for your seats. Boeing tried to make a very confortable cabin with 2-4-2 seating in their 787, but airlines soon figured out it would be possible to use a 3-3-3 layout by fitting in narrower seats. That's why most people feel the A350 is more confortable than the B787. Before anyone protests, I fully agree that the culprits are the airlines, not Boeing.


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