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Dozens of American Airlines pilots face demotion, pay cut after losing contract dispute

Dozens of American Airlines pilots are facing a demotion from captain to first officer and a corresponding pay cut after losing a contract dispute that traces to the company's 2001 acquisition of Trans World Airlines. An arbitrator ruled last week that protections guaranteeing a limited number of captain positions to former TWA pilots, now employees at American, had expired. The decision means 85 or more former TWA pilots could be demoted from captain to first officer, with a corresponding… ( Meer...

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canuck44 10
If these chaps have been flying single and double aisle from the left seat they will probably receive some attractive offers from Asia plus those pilots around in 1995 are likely able to draw on a reduced pension from American/TWA.
From American's point of view they have to decide if they can afford to lose 85 senior pilots in addition to those seniors retiring anyway. Most pensions plans are based on years of highest pay so unless some accommodation is made those pilots will likely bail before the demotions.
Wolfgang Prigge 5
Exactly my thoughts. With the worldwide pilot shortage AA better think this through.
linbb 1
Good catch on that thought mine exactly.


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